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Big Sky, Red Field

Welcome to my Web Site. This site is dedicated to showing some of my paintings and drawings. My new works continue to be about wild women, dogs, cats and a contemplative place on the far side of the world. The Wild Women series continues to explore the whimsical world of the "the wild woman inside" along with contented and curious dogs and cats. My "Far Side of the World" series however is meant to convey a more thoughtful, serene atmosphere with vast skys and lonely trees and houses.

Technically my works are more drawing than painting being primarily created using oil pastels. I finish the works with a thin layer of oil paint using my own developed technique. Not only does this bring out many of the hidden colors and textures but it also helps to protect the works as oil pastels are fairly delicate. All the finished works are also varnished using a very fine UV protection spray varnish. The result is a stable hard surface. (However the works are still oil and as they do not have a glass covering should still be handled carefully.)

For more about me go to 'about'. To view available paintings go to 'View art'. For show schedule go to 'Shows'.

All prices are for framed paintings. For unframed price please contact me. All works are available through Paypal, Visa and American Express. Order info and "add to cart" button are at the bottom of some of the pages. Otherwise I can be contacted via e-mail or phone.

Prints (reproductions) of present work can be found if you scan down the page under most paintings . A page for just reproductions can be found here.

All paintings and prints can be shipped. I hope you enjoy the work. I don't do Facebook, tweet or blog but please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I am in the process of putting up some new works here on the web page so stay tuned.


e-mail: studio@peytonart.com

or biffpeyton@comcast.net


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