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Wild Women

Wild Child Totally Gone
Wild woman and Invisible Man
Wild Woman Fall Day (tryptic)
Wild Woman on top of the world
Four Totally Wild Women
Each to Their Own
Five Wild Women, Curious Dog, Confident Cat
Hungry Cat, Wild Woman Totally Gone
Wild Woman Totally Gone
Wild Woman and a big Curious Dog
4 half Wild Women, 1 Totally Gone..(cats and dogs)
Wild Woman Waiting for the Right Time
Each to Their Own
Wild Woman on top of the World
Six Wild Women and a Curious Dog
4 Wild Women, 2 happy Dogs, Wild Child
Wild Woman out of the Woods
Wild Woman on a Blue Bird Day
Dancing With the Wild Red Trees
Between Friends
Two Wild Women, Two Contented Dogs
Outstanding in Her Field
Outstanding in Her Field(2)
Three Wild Women, Three Contented Cats

Dogs, Cats, Birds and Fish

Dog Day Afternoon
Wild fish Study 1
Wild fish Study 2
Wild fish Study 3
Wild fish Study 4
Dancing Crane
Three Cat Day
Two Dog Day
Four Dog Day
Between Friends

The Far Side Of the World

Fire at Dusk
All the Time in the World (first version)
Still Beyond Measure
Still Beyond Measure (right side)
When the World Was Just a Dream
Fall Conversation
House by the Sea
Two Houses and a Tree
Two Trees and the Far Side of the World
Lone Tree
Three Trees
Dancing With the Wild Red Trees
A House by the Sea
Birch Nocturne
All the Time in the World
When Thoughts Ran Free
Fractured Landscape #1
Fractured Landscape #2
Lone Tree and the Rest of the World
Far From the Madding Crowd
Fractured Landscape #5
Fractured Landscape #6
Snow Fields
Battery Steele-Peaks Island
Two Sides to Every World
Fractured Sky, Brown Field
Lone Tree and, the World Below


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Classical works

Chopin Nocturne C# minor
Yann Tiersen-Comptine D'un Autre Ete L'Apres Midi
Eric Satie, Gnossiene No. 7
Philip Glass, The Poet Acts
Eric Satie, Gnossienne No. 1
Chopin Nocturne B-flat minor
Philip Glass, Escape
Chopin, Mazurka Op 17/4
Schumann, Arabesque in C major
Chopin Nocturne E minor
Schumann, Opus 9,
Schumann, Foreign Lands and People
Bach, Aria from Goldberg Variations

Original Compositions

Music For Tunnels
Music For Meadows
On the Surface of Things
A Journey to the Far Side of the World
In the Blink Of an Eye
A Message From Space
A Little Manic
Coffee For Breakfast
Going to Atlanta
Telemark Guy
The Last Man Alive
Faded Scarlet Bow


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