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Peyton Higgison

Collectors Include:

             Art Gallery of Southern Connecticut State College 

             BKR Housing Association, Melville, NY 

             Coffee By Design, Portland, ME

             City Bank, Portland, ME 

             City Place, Hartford, CT 

             E&W Development, Hialeah, FL 

             Enviroser V, Inc, Pawtucket, RI 

             Farnsworth Museum, Rockland, ME 

             First National Bank, Portland, ME 

             General Electric Glendinning Associates, Westport, CT 

             Hashimoto/Platz Design, Japan 

             HI-Sence Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan 


             Java Joes, Portland, ME

             Kashiyama Inc., Japan 

             Liberty Group, Portland, ME 

             Maine Savings Bank, Portland, ME 


             Orbis Publishing Limited, London, Eng. 

             Peoples Heritage Bank, Portland, ME 

             Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME 

             PSMP Inc., Biddeford, ME 

             SCR Design Organization, NYC, NY 

             Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation, Warwick, RI 

             Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT Systematics Ink., Lewiston, ME 

             Tangible Investments of America Inc., Philadelphia, PA 

             The Ekman Corporation, Warwick, RI 

             Time-Life, NYC 

             UNUM, Portland, ME
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