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How do I describe my work? It has gone through so many changes through the years that it's hard to know where to start. My influences have included such disparate artists as Herbert Bayer, MC Escher, P. Picasso, Wolf Kahn and Richard Diebenkorn. And of course, my Mother, well known artist Merle Izard (one of the finest draftsmen I have ever known!) who first taught me the art of drawing and mixing paints. After almost 40 years creating images, it's difficult to pinpoint the inspirations, but the sky on a wind torn day, or a passage of music might be all I need to inspire a piece. My medium--oil pastel, the most saturated and creamiest I can find, mixed with transparent oils and sometimes the crazy touch of collage- has led me into images I would never have thought of. This medium has been a leader as well as a tool. Many a 'mistake' has led me to new discoveries and thus richer images.

For all my paintings I use only the finest oil paints and oil pastels. All works are matted and framed using archival materials.



In the news...

My newest and (for me) most exciting works are my landscapes. I started my career as an abstract painter and printmaker and it has been a ton of fun bringing some of that back into my Far Side of the World series. If one were to see hints of Richard Diebenkorn’s works one would not be too far off the mark. Insprired by my years as a pilot and also by my drives through the midwest on the way to shows I hope to evoke a sence of lonliness and beauty in a stark landscape and a vast sky. I'm also starting to work on some very cool fish paintings. Those that have followed my path may remember some of my fish painting of around 10 or 15 years ago. Well these are similar yet, I think, even more interesting.

Every show I'm asked what my inspiration is for my Wild Women paintings. As corny as it may sound it is just as it sounds... I've been inspired by all the wild women I've known. I married the wildest.... I hope to share with others the "wild" nature of women the world over.

I would love for you to order a painting or a print. I do take paypal and there is a paypal button beneath some of the works (all of the prints). You should also be able to use Visa or Amex on the secure paypal site. If there is no button or you prefer to order dirrect by all means e-mail me or give me a call. I'm not much of a fan of social media so don't tweet, blog or do facebook.

Here is a musical look at some of my paintings.

If you want to see where I'll be next check out 'shows'.

Reproductions are available of most of my works. These are small signed editions printed on archival paper. Please go to my print page for more info.


See you at the shows.

Peyton Higgison




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