The Works of Peyton Higgison

Small Reproductions

These reproductions are matted in acid free mat board and framed under glass in an inexpensive black plastic frame. Size is 8"/10". Cost is $40 plus $8 shipping.



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Five Wild Women, A Curious Dog and a Confident Orange Cat




Between Friends

Wild Women Dancing With Curious Dogs


family day out

Family Day Out



Outstanding in Her Field



Two Half Wild Women, Two Totally Gone



Two Half Wild Women, One Totally Gone



dancing With the Wild Red Trees



Yellow Man on a Good Music Day



Wild Woman and a Contented Cat

Flight of Fancy

House by the Sea


Two Trees and the Far Side Of the World


Fire At Dusk


Green Man Waiting for the Fun to Begin


Two Dog Day


Six Wild Women



Wild Woman and the Horse She Rode In on

Cat Day Afternoon

Dancing Crane

All the Time in the World




All Material 2019 Peyton Higgison